Tuesday, November 6, 2007

feedback for 10/30

• Excellent! Aldermans were appropriate and terrific.
• There was a lot of medical stuff in the beginning that are confusing and without background – I was lost. I felt more could have been said on mental health.
• Weird start w/ no students but nice to have conversation with Aldermans.
• Great!
• Speaker #1: good delivery. Over use of statistics. Very broad topic, felt it did not adequately cover definitions. Wish there had been more focus on current issues, solutions & challenges. Speaker #2 did a good job of outlining the challenges. Would have been good to see a more solid connection to MCH.
• Didn’t see articles posted on blog until at least yesterday. Articles should be posted sooner – afternoon (although comment was made during the presentation).
• Good discussion by class.
• Speaker #1: I enjoyed her opinion of the mental health classification, especially her usage of the term “main health”. Excellent delivery.
• Speaker #2: I really enjoyed hearing about your personal experience with issue. Very well done!
• Good coverage that promoted excellent discussion concerned with a very broad set of topics. The Alderman’s added an important dimension to the discussion.
• Speaker #1: Excellent, effective, very broad presentation covering many aspects of the problem – covered much in the short period from medical/psychiatric/public health perspective. Interestingly presented. Good delivery of huge subject areas.
• Speaker #2: Did not led all of presentation but introduction and beginning of presentation – excellent and comprehensive.
• Nice job – both speakers. For both – when using graphs or charts, take a little more time to explain the basics – what they’re showing.

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