Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bloggers find ways to speak out in Pakistan

My heart's in Accra - Bloggers find ways to speak out in Pakistan: "...In the meantime, Pakistani bloggers are trying to figure out how to approach a media environment where independent voices are being routinely silenced. Independent TV stations have been taken off the air, and there have been reports of mobile phones and internet access being blocked. (The latest news, as reported on Dr. Awab Alvi’s Teeth Maestro blog, is phone service was just restored in Islamabad.) Yet there are numerous voices coming from the Pakistani blogosphere, some from bloggers outside the country, some from inside. Awab Alvi, who is one of the leaders of the anti-censorship campaign, Don’t Block the Blog, has warned fellow bloggers to be very careful and to consider that blogging in their own names may carry the risk of arrest - he’s turned over control of his blog to Ange Embuldeniya, who is posting regular reports on Alvi’s blog. In some ways, this technique is similar to how information got out of Burma during the monks’ protests and the following crackdown - information was passed to sympathetic bloggers outside the country who posted it online [...]"

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