Thursday, November 29, 2007

Feedback for Training and Supervision

• Only 5 students including the two presenters; this is a shame! Please call one of the instructors if you cannot attend a class. Attendance is part of class participation and will be graded accordingly
• Good training exercise – It’s too bad that half of the class missed an excellent session. Very good class discussion and participation.
• Delivery was good. Would have been good to see case-studies, what has worked and does not work with training.
• Nice job – both speakers. I loved the initial group exercise – the training activity was very thorough – coverage of the topic.
• Very well structured and well organized presentation with systematic presentation of the topics.
• Suturing exercise was a great learning tool
• Relaxed, friendly delivery. I missed the larger class, but the small group led to less competition to get a chance to comment or ask a question

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