Thursday, November 15, 2007

feedback for 11/13

• Good discussion. Not quite brought together in conclusion. Dr. Kessler’s presence and comments most welcome.
• Great class discussion. Too bad more people weren’t present.
• Really enjoyed the broad focus on media especially the focus on blogging. Neda it was great how you tied it all together at the end citing the disjoint between public health and the media. Kudjoe and Dina, I really enjoyed the scope of your presentation from the history of P.C. health to current models and examples. Thank you.
• Bennett: good solid presentation. Stimulating, considerable discussion.
• Abbas and Dowlatshahi: Basic concepts well delineated, perhaps more discussion of obstacles would be warranted; more attention to finance issues – good use of specific examples from different countries.
• Bennett: Must try to define key terms, acronyms more. Great presentation, good class participation. Still not much information on the blog.
• Great speakers! I like the discussion on media images but I feel that the topic on primary health care should be one of the earlier topics.
• Very good class participation was promoted by the presenters. Good class scenario to demonstrate primary health care.
• Well-researched slides. Please share your resources online!

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