Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Feedback on Breastfeeding and Weaning presenters

• It was good to have breastfeeding mothers attend the presentation. Good coverage of an important topic. Good discussion, but no class activity.
• I felt bad for the presenters because of the time constraints, on the upside the class participated. I think both presenters were weak (not terribly) on delivery. They seemed seem to have sufficient knowledge on the topic, but I wish they had presented a bit more on the next best alternatives if unable to breastfeed. Perhaps a bit more on breastfeeding as a choice, such as the factors that surrounds that issue. I would have also been more interested to know a bit more on the breakdown, altitudes, adaptation of breastfeeding globally. I am sure it varies drastically from country to country.
• Very nice job handling transition between professor/guest speaker comments and your own presentation
• For both presenters – very nice job. One suggestion – move away from podium (let other person manage PowerPoint slides. If you are out in front of class, the focus is more on you and less on slide.
• Good discussion facilitation – good use of guest speakers – very interesting presentation.
• I really liked this format – student presentation, guest speaker (expert) and professor participation. I felt like I got a lot out of this class.
• Great presentation, thanks to full participation!
• The guest speakers were very informative. The concepts were delivered clearly.
• Very informative presentation!
• Difficult to assess because so much class discussion.
• Very interactive but structure, time use got out of hand. Excellent contributions by invited experts, Annie Feighery and Maria Elena Ballesteros.
• Would have liked to see a more balanced discussion – is formula milk all bad? Even in societies w/clean water? Great presentation overall – good detail presented. Good discussion from class was promoted.
• Great discussion. Effective use of personal experience.

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