Thursday, September 20, 2007

Comments for ORT/Water Presentation

• Good coverage of important information; only class exercise was “the drinking” of ORS. Overuse of PowerPoint. Family feud questions was a good way to involve class.
• Presenters were really well informed. I thoroughly enjoyed the case studies end the tie-ins to the presentation before.
• Great presentation. Wish you would have put more online ahead of time.
• The treatment of this topic was a little shallow, and #1 – while it was interesting, depended a little too much on personal/family anecdotes.
• ORT should have been defined a bit more clearly (in retrospect) very broad topic. Perhaps should be broken in two days so greater detail could be added.
• Clear, well-organized presentation. Utilizing the game facilitating learning. Fun!
• Abbas: breakdown the information prior to presenting. Excellent delivery.
• Reyes: Excellent delivery – good use of experience, examples, pictures.
• The professors were engaging but maybe the students need to speak out more.

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