Tuesday, September 11, 2007

CARE Turns Down U.S. Food Aid

This is the article on monetization I mentioned in class today:

CARE Turns Down U.S. Food Aid - TIME: "A major international charity has decided to turn down millions of dollars worth of grain from the U.S. government to feed the world's hungry because it believes America's method of delivering vital food supplies does more harm than good [...]

"CARE has decided to phase out all such monetized food aid by 2009, turning its back on $46 million a year in U.S. federal funding. The charity said selling food to fund its programs is inefficient and often delivers life-sustaining grain not to the hungry but to those who can afford it. It says it made the decision to abandon the controversial source of funding in 2005, but chose to make the decision public in an article in the International Herald Tribute on Wednesday in order to make a stand as Congress debates an overhaul of its food aid program in a new farm bill this summer...."

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